Places to visit in Maine: Wedding Cake House

You’re all saddled up for your vacation in Kennebunk, Maine…now you need to plan fun places to visit in the Kennebunk area apart from the beach. Maine attractions are certainly not few and far between, and the Kennebunks region is no exception.

While spending your vacation in Kennebunk, you may be inclined to depart on a scenic boat tour of Maine’s rugged coastline in a windjammer charter or indulge in a freshly baked lobster. For those history buffs and tourists in search of Maine attractions, be sure to drive by Maine’s most photographed house in Kennebunk, the Wedding Cake House, located on Summer Street, also known as Route 35.

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Much of the coastal regions owe their grand houses to the original owners; many were sea captains. Among the most superb is the Wedding Cake House. The fantastic yellow mansion was built in 1825 by sea captain, George W. Bourne himself who clearly could have quit his day job. Formally known as the George W. Bourne House, the Wedding Cake House features gothic cathedral style applied to the design owing a “cake-like appearance”. Legends have propagated that as sign of recompense for neglecting a proper honeymoon for his bride, Jane, the sea captain and ship builder designed and built this luxurious house; however, Jane and George are no longer available to comment.

Today, the house has been restored to its original glory and since 2005, this majestic house is only open to the public on special occasion during fundraiser events. Along your scenic Summer Street drive you will pass other superb examples of Federal, Greek Revival and Victorian architecture - all of these homes are beautifully maintained and serve as grand private homes today. The Brick Store Museum in Kennebunk offers narrated walking tours with great detail and even a few spirited stories.

So before leaving your luxury rental home, or splendid summer cottage in Kennebunk, don’t forget your camera before exploring things to do in Maine!

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