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White Water Rafting Maine


New England Outdoors White Water RaftingWhite water rafting in Maine is an adventure and an experience you will never forget. Anyone with an appetite for the outdoors will enjoy a rafting trip in Maine. In fact, Maine is known all over for its plentiful dam released water, breathtaking scenery along your raft trip and great Maine guides. While some may be hesitant to the idea of white water rafting, it's an activity for a wide range of ages as young as 8 and as seasoned as 75 years old, with very little physical fitness requirements and no prior experience rafting necessary. It's the ultimate theme park ride brought to you, compliments of Mother Nature and your adventuresome outfitter guides.

Maine white water rafting companies offer trips on the Kennebec, Penobscot and Dead Rivers. Thanks to daily hydropower dam releases, Maine is the only state in the Northeast that can guarantee water levels even during the driest of summers. You can find annual schedules of high water dam releases, which usually occur on weekends so you can plan the ultimate white water rafting experience. The season for white water rafting in Maine begins May 1st and continues to mid-October. Maine Rafting Outfitters provide a variety of outdoor adventures including overnight camping and white water rafting trips, kayaking, canoeing, rock climbing, guided hikes, mountain biking and fishing.


Rafting Outfitters and Lodging

North Country River Whitewater Rafting

The experience of white water rafting the calm to Class V rivers in Maine has 

come a long way in recent years, from rustic to resort-like. Not too long ago, going rafting in Maine meant camping out in the great outdoors. A great experience mind you, as there is nothing quite like that campfire camaraderie. And today's rafters can still choose to campout in a tent by the river. But now, they can also choose from a cabin, select from fine Bed and Breakfasts, wilderness lodges, private homes, log cabins and river resort settings.


Many Maine white water rafting companies offer all-inclusive lodging and rafting packages, so your rafting, equipment, and lodging is included, even meals, with your rafting outfitter. Day trips, weekend and weeklong rafting trips are all available. It's normally easier to take up lodgings with your rafting outfitter, however, there are plenty of cabins you can rent and inns near your rafting center. Your best bet for lodging is to look in regions including Kennebec Moose River ValleyMoosehead Lake and Katahdin Region. Most rafting companies are located in MillinocketGreenvilleThe Forks and Bingham.


Overview of the Rafting Trip

A Maine white water rafting vacation is the one time where "raging rapids" are cause for pure excitement. The day starts as you disembark from your shuttle at the head of the river. Here your guide goes over the basics of your day and reviews rafting lingo and commands, how to paddle, plus safety and PFD requirements. You jump into your raft, and soon you are floating down the river, ready for the adventure of a lifetime. Sometimes you drift along in solitude enjoying the wildlife and serene surroundings. You may even spy a Moose grazing by the river during your white water rafting voyage. Other times you are paddling through white water rapids and it is guaranteed you are no longer concerned about your stressful week at work. What's nice about Maine whitewater rafting outfits is you can decide the level of rafting from easy and beginner, Class I, to more advance with rapids and Class V waters. Much of Maine rafting is dam release controlled, so the level of rafting is determined and closely monitored by the Maine raft guides for your safety and your best enjoyment. 

Your rafting lunch is time to get out of the boat, stretch and enjoy a hearty riverside picnic served by your guides, with our raft group. If you are traveling with a larger group, you may fill several rafts but rejoin them at lunch, seeing them along your rafting down the river occasionally. After you are shuttled back to the outfitter center, rafters watch a photo slide show of the day's rafting trip, and you can purchase raft photos of the experience. Drinks, dinner and a campfire are typically filled with fun conversation about your big day on the white water for those spending the night at the rafting resort.


New England Outdoors River RaftingRapids Classifications

Class I - Easy, no obstacles, small ripples, slow current
Class II - Moderate, occasional obstacles, medium current with waves
Class III - Difficult, longer rapids with strong, irregular currents
Class IV - Very Difficult, steeper, longer with numerous obstacles
Class V - Extremely Difficult, has large vertical drops, strong hydraulics, very swift, irregular currents in heavily obstructed channels
Class VI - Nearly Impossible and Very Dangerous. For teams of experts only, after close study and with all precautions taken.


White Water Rafting Maine Rivers

Kennebec River

The Kennebec River provides 12 miles of white water rafting. The trip begins at Harris Station on Indian Pond and channels through the Kennebec Gorge ending at The Forks (the Dead and Kennebec Rivers confluence). Class II-V Rapids. The Kennebec River emerges from Moosehead Lake and widens out into the Lower Kennebec, the latter favoring beginner level rafters.


Penobscot River

The first 2 miles descend from McKay Station through Ripogenus Gorge. The last 12 miles of rapids end at the take out near Pockwockamus Falls. The Penobscot River can claim class III-V Rapids on any given day. The lower part of the Penobscot River and Seboomook River section ranges from class II and III rapids, making a good option for families and youth groups. The more adventurous rafters may choose the gorge section of the Penobscot featuring the Exterminator and Cribworks.


White Water Rafting MaineDead River

The Dead River offers the longest stretch of continuous whitewater rafting in the East providing intense, non-stop excitement. The 16-mile white water rafting trip begins at Grand Falls and runs through Class IV and V whitewater ending at The Forks white water rafting center.

The Magalloway River
Offers a beautiful stretch of white water in remote Western Maine known for its accessibility to outdoor enthusiasts. When the river is releasing, it is an exhilarating, family friendly adventure on class III rapids. Since the release days are so few, only a handful of people run this river each year. The river itself is fed by Lake Aziscohos, one of a series of scenic Maine lakes. You’ll put in in the middle of a class III and right from the get-go, you’re in rapids. This half-day trip is a great choice for families with younger children or first timers.

Rapid River
Known for its wild remoteness, the Rapid River is a secret favorite of fly fishers, adventure seekers and white water enthusiasts all over the country. This hidden gem is a class IV river. The Rapid is exactly what you think of when you imagine an awesome day full of white water rafting - a long thrilling run that winds about three miles through the backwoods of Maine, bringing you breathtaking scenery and lots of class III and IV rapids before dropping guest at the top of the Lake Umbagog National Wildlife Refuge. The refuge is home to bald eagles, osprey, moose and black bear. A run down the Rapid river will certainly provide a unique experience and great memories for you and your group.


White Water Raft Types

Maine offers various types of whitewater excursions, from inflatable rafts, kayaks, riverboards, and tubing.  

Inflatable rafts – Whitewater rafts are the most common choice for beginners, first time rafting and those who want a guided raft ride in Maine. White water rafts can seat up to 8 rafters with the river guide at the rear to steer the raft and provide you the best rapid experience as well as a safety. Some outfitters also offer rafts seating two people for more experienced rafters.


Maine Riverboarding - This is a novel form of river rafting in Maine. Riverboarders float on a surfboard specific for river rapids to ride down the river. This activity is solo, so you should be coordinated, and able to swim. Most white water outfitters allow riverboarders to ride sections of river rapids multiple times rather than ride down the river in one long trip.


Kayaking – Many white water outfitters in Maine often offer kayaks or inflatable kayaks (duckying) for rafting trips. Whitewater kayaks are solo or duo trips in tandem kayaks. Most Maine rafting companies offer beginner levels for those with little or no experience on a kayak or rafting, some simple instruction will have you paddling and navigating your kayak in calm to moderate waters.


See our list of White Water Rafting Companies with nearby lodges that include rafting packages to plan your Maine rafting vacation.




What to Wear White Water Rafting


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